Formation of Society
1. Conduct a meeting 

- must be attended by not less than 7 persons
- names of person attending must be written in the minute of the meeting

2. The meeting shall pass a resolution on the: 

- formation of the society
- name of the society
- the address/place of business of the society
- appointment of the Promoter committee – arrangement of the registration of the society
- the constitution & rules of the society

The minutes of the meeting shall be put on record.

3. Registration of the society [can be made online (]
- only can be made by the secretary
- what is needed for registration:

i. the constitution of the society – if using own constitution, must get approval from the ROS first – have to obtain the reference number with regard to the approval of the constitution from ROS.

- Go to ROS Perak at JPN building at Meru Raya – submit 2 copies of the constitution for approval – upon approval, ROS will give a reference number.

ii. The Promoter committee of the society – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and 2 committee members – 7 persons overall.

Particulars needed:
Position, Title, Full Name, Gender, Nationality, IC No., Birth date, Place of birth, Occupation, House address, Email, Telephone No (House, Mobile, Office) and Employer details (Name & address).

iii. Minutes from the first meeting

Date, Time, Place, Attendance, Name of the society and Committee members name

iv. Revisions and amendment of the Constitution

Applicant have to fill in the blank spaces if they intend to use their own constitution. (refer Page 62 of Panduan Penguna eroses)

v. Fees Payment

- Can be made through online or manually at the counter.
- RM 30 for new application