Law of Society

Law Case Name Description Catchword
Societies Act 1966
S 7,
9(a), (b), (c),(e)(i),(ii), (f), (h),
17(1)(a), (b)
Lee Tak Suan & Anor v Tunku Dato Seri Shahabudin bin Tunku Besar Burhanuddin - although the suit is not in the society's name, it is still a suit by or against the society, but through its agent.
- where a suit against a registered society succeeds, the judgment is enforced not against the person or the property of the person in whose name the society is sued but 'against the property of the society', which fact in turn signifies that a society is recognised as a property-owning entity
- where a registered society sues a member and loses, according to the proviso to s 9(f) the successful member may recover his costs either from the person in whose name the society sues or from the society itself, in which case the successful member may have execution 'against the property of the society'
Tan Ying Hong V Tan Sian San - Overuled Adorna Properties - Proving fraud